5 Things To Check When Inspecting Apartments For Rent Iowa City

You’re ready to move on from your old property and into a fresh rental, but do you know what to look for during your preliminary inspection? When looking at apartments for rent in iowa city, it’s important that you do

n’t just rely on Internet photos and fancy brochures to form an opinion. In fact, before you even consider signing on the dotted line, check for the following things:1. Has water damage been covered up?

Many apartment complexes feature older buildings that haven’t always been well taken care of. At first glance, a unit you’re touring may look well kept, but there could be underlying issues that only a trained eye will know to look for. Water damage doesn’t just cause paint to crack and peel, but it could be an indicator that something is very wrong with the plumbing and hasn’t been addressed.

2. Are the appliances clean and recent?

Many apartments are notorious for using old appliances that can cost a pretty penny to operate. It may seem like a good idea to look for apartments for rent Iowa City with appliances included, but if all are old and aren’t energy efficient, you may find yourself losing money on energy costs.

3. Are the electrical outlets properly wired and grounded?

There are telltale signs that an electrical outlet is burning out, and that would be discolorations on the inside that may indicate a fire hazard later on. For example, any electrical outlets that are placed near water sources will need to include a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter. This is fancy talk for when an appliance comes into contact with water, the electricity from the outlet automatically shuts off.

4. If there are stairs, are they sturdy?

Some apartments are two stories, and if this is the case with the one you’re considering renting, make sure that the stairs themselves are well kept and the handrails are sturdy. Apartment maintenance may sometimes cut corners in order to save money, but it could also jeopardize your own safety. Give all handrails a good wiggle and confirm whether they hold fast.

5. Is the exterior taken care of?

Most people wouldn’t think to look, but the exterior of a property says a lot about the overall maintenance of the place. Has wood rot or serious building damage been covered up? Is the paint cracked and peeling? All of these are signs of mold, plumbing problems or foundation issues that the landlord has chosen not to address. At the end of the day, would you want to live in a home like that?

Having a good credit report supposedly gets you a much better apartment, but you need to consider whether what’s advertised online is accurate. Many management teams photograph the best units available and leave the rest to the imagination. Before even considering filling out a rental agreement, ask to tour the apartment complex and check for the items above. By doing a simple inspection, you can save yourself a lot of legal headaches.